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About this badge

The Oregon Master Naturalist badge signifies that all requirements were met to become a certified Oregon Master Naturalist. To become a fully certified Oregon Master Naturalist, participants must complete coursework and contribute at least forty hours of volunteer service to a group or organization dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of Oregon’s natural resources. Oregon Master Naturalists must maintain their certification on an annual basis by receiving at least eight hours of continuing education and volunteering at least forty hours.

Coursework includes the following:

  1. a twelve week online course about Oregon’s natural history and natural resources conservation.
  2. one in-person field course specific to one of Oregon’s eight ecologically distinct Ecoregions.

This badge certifies participants are able to:

  • Understand living and nonliving processes affecting Oregon’s native ecosystems.
  • Explain key concepts related to Oregon’s natural history, including ecologically distinct regions of Oregon, ecology, wildlife and habitats, geology, watershed processes, forest ecology, rangeland ecology, and implications related to climate change.
  • Explain ways in which Oregon’s landscape is conserved through sustainable management practices.
  • Apply knowledge from all coursework toward volunteer service.

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With Oregon Master Naturalist Online, learn about natural history, ecology and natural resource management practices by studying many aspects of Oregon’s environment. This research-based course is offered each year in January and September, and consists of approximately 40 hours of coursework and 40 hours of volunteering.

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