A place to create and collect digital badges

Because people are extraordinary.

What is basno?

Basno is a place to create and collect digital badges.

Badges on basno recognize great accomplishments, skills, commitments and expertise. Finishing a marathon, speaking fluent Mandarin, shooting even par, or traveling the world.

People are proud to own the badges on basno. They're proud to share them with friends and family and meet other accomplished badge owners.

Basno badges grant owners’ recognition from friends, family, and businesses. Behind every great badge is a story and a community of amazing people doing extraordinary things.

How it works

  1. Someone accomplishes, commits to, or thinks up something amazing, badgeworthy and deserving of recognition.
  2. The badge creator gives it a name and description, then uploads their own design or works with the basno team to create a beautiful and unique badge.
  3. The creator customizes how to distribute the badge (i.e. invitation only, allowing owners to invite other owners, or requiring proof).
  4. People are invited to own or prove they’ve earned the badge. They share their badges and talk to other badge owners, creating a community of shared experiences where each owner is recognized with a unique digital badge.


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Basno for businesses

Businesses create and distribute badges on basno. Badges that celebrate people, their accomplishments, skills, commitments and expertise.
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