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Universities, certification agencies, test administrators and more issue credentials on basno. See some here.
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You – as an individual or organization – can use your brand to certify the knowledge and skills of others. Doing so will enhance your credibility.
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Great institutions and powerful brands are helping people stand out by issuing digital badges and certificates.

More than 80% of badges claimed are shared on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook

Courtney Johnson Fowler won a 2014 - 2015 Fulbright U.S. Student Program Grant.
Martin Harvey is a 2015 Gold IRONMAN All World Athlete.
Straton Roberts earned a Certificate in UX: Fundamentals.

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By issuing credentials, you can positively impact the way people package and promote their skills and experiences

Design a meaningful badge or certificate
Use badges and certificates to deliver the credibility of your brand to people who you trust to use it
Work with our network of professional designers or use our tools to create the perfect badge or certificate
Create badges and certificates to dynamically present a recipient’s name or other unique information
Distribute credentials with ease and total control
Just as easy as sending an email. You can send unique invitations so that only the right people can claim a badge
Use our tools and integrations to make issuing dynamic and adapt to your systems
Automatically attach the option to download or print an eCertificate to any badge. And vica versa
Track as your issuing has a positive impact on people
Monitor how people engage with the badges you invite them to own
See who claims your credentials, what online platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) they’re posted to, and how many viewers then interact with the credetnails you have issued

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