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The E-Learning Instructional Design and Development Certificate course provided students with broad exposure to principles and applications of E-learning. It offered research and practice based information on how to effectively develop E-learning courses, how to use instructional technology to develop curriculum that motivates and engages the learner, as well as how to apply instructional design theories or models and build technical skills that apply to a variety of E-learning settings. Participants learned when and how to use various E-learning tools including authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate or Articulate, Web 2.0 resources, LMS, discussion boards, simulations, etc. Content provided proven strategies for designing online instruction in areas to match today’s varied educational and business needs.

Courses included in this certificate:

  • Exploring E-Learning Tools
  • Designing Effective E-Learning
  • Developing and Implementing E-Learning
  • E-Learning Assessment and Evaluation
  • E-Learning Practicum

Participants in the course accomplished the following:

  • Built relevant, pedagogically sound educational materials and programs for the Internet using the latest developments in online educational theories and technology.
  • Integrated a variety of multimedia technology tools to develop engaging, effective eLearning.
  • Applied the components of effective eLearning instructional design, development, implementation and evaluation to create projects and programs that met their immediate classroom or business needs and goals.
  • Drove advances in their school or business in the delivery of educational content and improvements in meeting learning outcomes for students and business training needs.
  • Tracked, measured and evaluated the effectiveness of eLearning training on their personal and business goals.

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Oregon State University's Professional and Continuing Education program, in partnership with OSU College of Education, offers this comprehensive e-learning instructional design certification. This is an opportunity for participants to learn ways to integrate technology more meaningfully in the classroom or to meet rising demand for self-paced, online learning. 

OSU's E-Learning Instructional Design Certificate is designed to equip participants with the skills to enter, or advance in, the field of instructional design. These may include K-12 teachers and administrators, college and university instructors and administrators, instructional designers, business trainers, human resource managers and business leaders.

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