basno badges as diplomas

basno for customer appreciation

Create digital badges that recognize employee milestones

Design and issue digital badges that will help employees celebrate great milestones and accomplishments at your company.

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Badges for rookies and veterans

Welcome new hires

New team members will be eager to use badges to announce their good news online

Celebrate great milestones

Longevity is a story worth telling... Badges will help people celebrate work anniversaries in style

Work with one of our pros to have the perfect badges designed

There is a network of talented badge designers waiting to help. They take your guidance and work off of your inspiration to create a badge that fits your eye and is something people will want to own.

...And hundreds of others

Help people share their excitement and pride with friends online

Badges are great content and easy to share on social media. Over 90% of people who choose to collect a badge will share it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Personalize badges to make them even more meaningful to people

Each badge captures a special moment for the people that own it. Accepting the job, the late nights at the office, and being promoted are all parts of their story and one that you can help them tell online with their badge.

Help people enhance their professional profiles

Give people something to help them communicate their expertise and experience on LinkedIn with the full power of your brand behind them.

Attach a letter from your CEO or founder

Badges present a great opportunity to tell someone what being a part of your team is all about, and who better to deliver that message then a leader of your company.

Attach exclusive employee perks one of their favorite spots

You can attach credit to people's badges so that they get not only the emotional high of owning a badge but also the fun of a little extra spending money at one of their favorite spots.

Track and measure your success

Watch as your badge owners share their badges on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. We provide a full dashboards of statistics so you know what your badge owners did with their badges.

Get involved now

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