basno badges as certificates

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A diploma students can
keep online.

Digital diplomas complement paper diplomas. They are accessible at any time on any device.


To display and share
across online profiles.

Digital diplomas immediately enhance the way students present themselves on LinkedIn and other sites.

Personalized with each student's name

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Kept on a unique homepage that students can always access

Diploma homepages host key information about who owns a specific diploma, who issued it and what was required to earn it

Easy to add and display on LinkedIn

A diploma displayed on LinkedIn is always linked to its diploma homepage (see above)

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Finally an easy place to access transcripts

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basno is a place for creating and collecting digital badges that recognize and communicate dedication, skill, expertise and experience.

The Class of 2014 will graduate with valuable skills. But if nothing changes they will be asked to communicate those skills with pieces of paper. In a digital world, that's a problem. The solution is simple.

basno digital diplomas.